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Cliven Bundy’s Easter Message to Supporters, Reid, and the Government

Cliven Bundy’s Easter Message to Supporters, Reid, and the Government

“You know,” replied Bundy, “I woke up, I got out of my house, went down to my trail and watched the sun come up over the hills and the mountains here. And, of course, I thought of Jesus. And then the thought that I thought was that we the people of America, not only of America but of the whole world, what Jesus would want us to do, was forgive. Forgive our enemies, and He’ll take care of all the rest. So my message to the world today is: Forgive your neighbors, forgive your wives, forgive your husbands and children, and feel the love of Jesus. That’s what He suffered for.

“I thank the people for their prayers and, again, I put my faith in my heavenly father and … we’re OK.”

Listen to Cliven Bundy’s Easter Message to Supporters, in post, Reid, and the Government
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Bundy Ranch, Patriot Liberty “If we Lose, there is no place to Escape to”

Bundy Ranch, Patriot Liberty “If we Lose, there is no place to Escape to”

Image above, Prophecy or Prejudice; is from our Watchman Newsletter2 found here

Bundy Ranch, Patriotism, Liberty, Militia, and the United States citizens; no doubt the words by Ronald Reagan is the most important of any words every uttered since John Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington.  But Washington knew very well how the new nation got victory and freedom from King George. Political rhetoric did not free America.  Ignoring the oppression did not work. Finally at Concord, Bunker Hill, and after a series of harsh events in the fight for freedom did Washington have one of his greatest turning point victories of the war. In all this, he knew one thing stood out for freedom. He said it well!

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance. They are the teeth of the people’s liberty”…George Washington

Bundy Ranch, Patriot Liberty: Crossing the Delaware

George WashingtonCrossing the Delaware was a monumental task given the harsh winter conditions. The men, a large portion had no shoes, but wrapped rags around their feet. They had been pushed around by troops, and the fight was not going well. However in one of the darkest chapters of the war, when feelings in the colonies and among those political forces who had convened to separate from England were also very low, victory came.

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Western Survivalist of Cowboys and Criminals

By WatchmanSowsSeed1


bundy image1Western Survivalist of Cowboys and Criminals takes a bit of reflection as the event of what happened at Cliven Bundy’s resounded around the Patriot community and in the liberal media.  I have been following the events of Bundy2 since the start the heat of the BLM wrapped up to mega levels. The twenty year long dispute over an BLM controlled area.

The fight involves a 600,000-acre area under BLM control called Gold Butte, near the Utah border. The vast and rugged land is the habitat of the protected desert tortoise, and the land has been off-limits for cattle since 1998. Five years before that, when grazing was legal, Bundy stopped paying federal fees for the right3.

Although he stopped paying fees, the rancher paid fee’s locally, but they were never accepted. Clive Bundy would pay fees to Clark County, but not to the BLM because the State owned the land. Nevertheless the whole incident spread like wildfire and hit a momentous note with people all over America. If you were liberal, the incident was more than likely viewed as lawlessness. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center ended up declaring Clive Bundy as a terrorist. But for many others, patriots, liberty lovers, conservatives, Christians, cowboys, ranchers, farmers, and many in law enforcement as well all looked at the BLM intrusion as a violation of rights. Clive Bundy owned the rights to the land, both surface and mineral rights; all including water rights as well. His Family had moved onto the land in the 1880’s  and at that time claimed the rights that today are still observed by Nevada, but ignored by the BLM. That is, up till now.

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Western Freedom Survival USA

Western Survival FreedomWestern Freedom Survival USA has hit the occupied lands of this nation. Coming to the shores of America, my own forefathers put down stake in land. I am from a heritage of Ranchers and Farmers who worked the land, had livestock, and knew that by the sweat of the brow is how they survived. Even through the dust bowl of the thirties, my forefathers worked and made it through. However I am reminded that our lands today are not free, mostly bought up by people who have money and are wealthy. But the largest landholder is the BLM. In this state alone the acreage owned by the government is monumental. But the government owns nearly 30% of the land area in the United States.

The Federal Government owns nearly 650 million acres of land – almost 30 percent of the land area of the United States. Federally-owned and managed public lands include National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges. Source

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Judge Jeanine Pirro – Feds Retreat From Nevada Ranch Standoff – YouTube

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Feds Retreat From Nevada Ranch Standoff – YouTube.

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