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WP_20131004_007Updated: 3:56 pm According to Stu Anderson in the CodeRed system of the Natrona Co. Emergency Management all roads leading out of Casper are closed. If you are out of power there are warming shelters set up at the Highland Park Community Church. The no travel ban is still in effect, please obey this. As for here, it is still snowing and the Winter advisory has been extended by the Riverton Weather office until Midnight. More snow and wind to add to severe conditions. Up to 2 feet of snow has fallen on the mountain with more on the way while in Casper city up to a foot or more and still snowing. Tree’s are hit hard and limbs are hanging. Many continue to fall making cleanup hazardous. We have many branches here all around and on top of us, we have no Chain saw but could not do much anyway. Tree’s and limb continue to crack under the weight of more snow, ice, and wind.

Shalom, this is an update from WatchmanSowsSeed

Updated: 11:16 am…Statewide this Snow storm hit central Wyoming. Thousands of tree limbs, trees, poles, and lines down. Will take weeks to clear. According to newsfeed @joshwolfson some flights cancelled, phones out at NCI airport, trying to keep one runway open. Further Up to 11,000 are without Power according to RMP. No doubt here we are around a foot. We have had snow before, lol; but the trouble here is the heavy wet icy snow that stuck to leaves and branches.


We still have a dangerous situation here as we alone have branches hanging barely from tops of trees ready to let go. I have no power saw to clean anything let alone a way to reach to the tops of trees.

….Shalom till next time WatchmanSowsSeed

UPdated: 9:42 am..Snow just started again, with the wind again. Was out shooting a video and as I did the tall limbs cracked and came crashing down and I was under it. I got moving and it fell right behind me. I turned around and the snow dust setttled and I saw the tree limb across my fence where I would of been standing. Just missed me and the whole of our tree’s look like this.

But the Lord Redeems my life from destruction!


For the second week in a row the area in Central Wyoming has been hit with a heavy wet snow. I have enclosed pictures taken at 5 am this morning. It was dark and snowing, which you can see. This can give you some idea of what is going on.  This week the tree’s that survived the last snowstorm which hit have another storm to contend with. Right now we have trees down all around, even on our roof and snow continues. The wet, heavy snow came into effect after a day of chilling rain which hit the Casper Wyoming area. Then last night the chilly rain turned to slush, then heavy snow. The snow then stuck to the leaves and branches weighing them down. We have about 8 to 10 inches of snow in spots, other places it is lighter with the main depth out in the open where the trees have not sheltered the ground. In the southern portion of the city, next to Casper Mountain up to thirty inches of snow is expected.

Continue on for video shot early in the am, plus many more pics!

Wyoming is known for its dry climate, howbeit we always had snow in the mountains for the spring runoff. But for many years now the climate here has changed. This very heavy wet, sticky snow is something like southern storms which have rain turn to ice. We got the message this morning from Stu Anderson’s office of the Natrona County Emergency Management office. They have a system that calls people around Casper. At five or so this morning the word came out of Power lines down, felled by trees, heavy winds, heavy snow, making conditions ripe for hazardous travel. A non travel ban was given. This ban says “no unnecessary travel” due to the power lines down and the danger it poses. We are close to the interstate and if it is bad here, it will be worse.

I will let you know as things progress. A major tree limb hit our internet, but missed the main part and I took the limbs away. Otherwise it would have been out. Last night they warned of this along with power outages. No doubt, Welcome to Winter in Wyoming.  This storm is expected to be here snowing until noon with high winds. The area is not out of woods, nor can many workers really get out to do anything. Too many falling objects to work safely.

UPdated: Here is the last video I shot this morning:

Snow Storm hits like Hammer in Wyoming from The_Watchman on Vimeo.

Snow Storm hits like Hammer in Wyoming Part 2 update from The_Watchman on Vimeo.

…Shalom, until Next time; I will update this as I can

The Watchman Dana G Smith

The Lord has kept us safe during the night, praise his name.

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